Friday, 22 February 2019

New Starts

I am making some gifts so i have cut out the wool felt for this cute bird pincushion.

At night i just like to stitch so i have started on this pattern which i think i have had for about 8 years,lol,lucky they dont have a use by date,lol.

This is what i have stitched so far.
Hubby is at the swap meet for a few days so i will be able to get a bit of sewing done and hopefully work on some quilt blocks.
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.
Cheers Sheryl xx

Monday, 18 February 2019

An Apple or Two

Hooray i finally got around to finishing my apples,these are to match the pears,that i had made a few years ago.

Loving the fabrics

Hooray 2 finishes

I am still cleaning my sewing room and by gee have i got rid of some stuff,where the irong board is there used to be another table with another sewing machine and overlocker.,
And i used to have stuff under the cutting table,lol.

Over on this wall i got rid of a huge bookcase full of stuff,i have gotten rid of 232 patterns ,lol,dont worry i think i still have roughly that many still,lol.
I still need to go through the books on the shelf,but i will do that over time.

Everything is stacked nicely in the wardrobe and i have folded my fabrics the Konmari style,now to slowly work my way through the unfinished UFO quilts now that my sewing room is tidy it will be a lot easier to find and work on projects.
I have given away so much to the Embroidery guild,CWA and our craft group and my sister's daycare where she works,its a good feeling knowing that these things that i have stored for many years are finally going to be used.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.
Cheers Sheryl xx

Friday, 15 February 2019

Oh Dear

I got the last 2 xmas decorations finished.

I found some cute gingerbread men for the back of these.

Oh dear as the cleaning in my sewing room is progressing i am finding many UFO's ,above is a quilt i had started a few years ago and have only made 3 blocks.up

I have the xmas cushion that i found the other day and a bag both have been cut out,plus another bag pattern with fabric that i bought for it quite a few years ago.

This quilt was to be for my DD1's 40th birthday and she has just turned 44,shame on me i only have 4 blocks finished .

Girls day out quilt which i havent even finished the first block for,started many years ago.

Deck the halls which i have finished all the embroidery blocks and have about a third of it made up.

Holly Cottage quilt which i have 5 blocks finished for.

Plus i have all the embroidery blocks made for Ruth's quilt.

And this lovely kit i bought about 4 years ago in Tassie,and this is not counting smaller items that i have found that need finishing.

Is anyone else like me ,i have decided not to worry about making xmas decorations and concentrate on getting some finishes for this year if i get the blocks ready for stitching i can take them away with me while travelling and hopefully be able to put some quilts together when we get back.
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.
Cheers Sheryl xx

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Still Konmaring

I finished stitching the last two xmas decorations that i had drawn out.

Hubby looked on the internet to see when we had to pick the pears and now was the time ,so now they are suppose to ripen in the box,fingers crossed.

 I am still cleaning through my sewing room using the Konmarie method and i find this pattern for a xmas cushion that i had cut out,so i think i will start putting this together soon.

I have been cutting out some apple pin cushions

 To match some pears that i made a few years ago.

Hope you all have a wonderful day.
Cheers Sheryl xx

Monday, 11 February 2019


I have made a name badge for a fellow crafter for our retreat coming up,cant show the name as its all secret squirrels.
i was pleased with the cheshire cat of Alice in Wonderland,i embroidered the out line and then coloured him in with my fabric pencils.

I have been working on this xmas decoration,i have decided not to sell these at the markets while traveling,instead i will take and finish off the many quilts that i have sitting around.
So i think i will have a giveaway at some stage for the xmas deco's that i have already made.

On Sunday we had a lovely visit from my niece Kristy (my brother's daughter) and her boyfriend Chris whom we hadnt met before,it was so good to see them.

Our DD1's birthday tomorrow so while her inlaws were up for the weekend,we had a birthday tea at our daughter's place.

Family pic,her hubby was working,we had lovely roast chicken and a lovely fruit custard cake from the cheesecake shop,we had a fun time laughing and joking and telling stories of when Kel was younger.

Before i hurt my back i had started having a huge cleanout Konmarie style.
I have started putting things in these grey containers as the other containers i had werent very practical,so while doing this i am donating a lot of fabric and bits and pieces to my sister's childcare place.
There is stuff i have had for many years and havent touched so if i dont feel the love its gone and a lot of tools and things are going to the embroidery guild that i once belonged to.
It is a good feeling going through this as i dont sew like i used to.

My back is alot better and i can walk around straight now so thats a relief.
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.
Cheers Sheryl xx

Friday, 8 February 2019

Wonderful Time with my Sister

 Went to stay with my baby sister for a few days in Portarlington and she shouted me out for lunch at Mr Grubbs cafe at the Oakdene Winery in Ocean lucky was i.
I hurt my back again packing to go home so dosed up on pain killers i managed a 2 hour painful trip back home and then when i got home we had no internet,,today things, are looking up i can slowly walk today ,will need hubby to get groceries with me tomorrow and the internet is back on,yah

 Oh there was lots to see around the property,some amazing sculptures,top right sculpture was made with old wheel barrows,lol
 Top left pic we fold outside of the cafe,lol,someone laying down on the job,lol.
 My sister had a yummy vegetarian dish of cauliflower and walnut ravioli with sweet potato ,think thats what it was,it was so yummy and i had sweet potato and caramelized onion and goats cheese pizza ,both meals were really nice i am going to go back there again,lol,i love good food.
 Me doing some wine tasting,not that i knew what i was doing,lol,just trying to look the part.
 Around the garden in the dining section was amazing and very quirky,top left pic is a water fountain
 Look at all the shoe forms they had nailed around the bar,top left pic
 lol top left pic of a dog made out of rubber boots,very clever.
Bottom two pics where of kitchen utensils and scourers blended in with flowers stuck all over the branches,something different.

oops close your eyes we found this naked man in the garden and we loved the snails all around the plants on the platform bottom right pic.

Lol then we checked out the new donut shop that is in Portarlington on the way home,we might've bought a box of 6 picked out flavours,lol,needless to say we will be back there as there are many more flavours to try.
A big thankyou to my baby sister for a wonderful fun few days,how lucky am i that she lives at the beach.
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.
cheers Sheryl xx

Wednesday, 6 February 2019

A Bit of R&R and Craft

I have headed off to my sister's who lives at Portarlington such a beautiful town by the beach for a well deserved break after watching the grandies,now they are back at school so i am having some me time,lol.
My sister is going to take me out for lunch at a winery so i am looking forward to that.

Monday craft ladies had some show and tell and this lovely quilt was made by Denice.

And this beautiful hexie quilt was made by Raelene and i think she said that it is finished.

In the hexies Raelene has used old doileys and handkies and it looks fantastic.

And this beautiful lace work is by lorel who is making a doiley its so fine and dainty,very pretty.

And our happy lady here is Barb and she is making a scarf for the soup kitchen.

And Cathy was doing some beautiful crewel work on this lovely panel she got from spotlight.

Hope you all have a wonderful day and i will catchup with blog comments and reply's when i am back Thursday.
Cheers Sheryl xx