Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Fun things

Next place i took Barb and Anne to was Eureka Patchwork and i laughed when i saw this jar sitting on a shelf near the counter,lol.
Then we walked to the Robinhood hotel for a lovely lunch.

 Then i took Barb and Anne up to the Botanical gardens and they did some more shopping in the Adam Lindsay craft cottage and then we had a look at the lovely garden in the Conservatory.
And then i took them back to their car at Gail's Patchwork and it was time to say goodbye to them,we had a lovely day.

I received this lovely xmas ornament and beautiful hand drawn card from my buddy Michelle,thankyou Michelle i love them.

I have put Michelle's beautifully drawn cards (the tree is from last year) in frames so that i can display them every xmas.

And received this beautiful decoration from my buddy Fiona and she also sent me one of Michelle's beautiful painted cards ,i will have to frame this one too i think,thankyou Fiona i love them both.

 I also received this cute decoration from Anne,thankyou Anne ,i love how it glitters.

 We had our craft breakup on Monday ,we had heaps of fun and lots of food to enjoy,some dressed up,this was our last meeting for the year.

My friend Raelene and her husband Chris fix up old caravans and cars,above i think was the first old caravan that they fixed up ,look how retro it is inside when they have finished,just stunning.

And i think this is the 2nd one that they fixed up.
Their son did up the 1956 Pontiac which shines like a mirror and the caravan is an old 1949 home built van,notice the two doors and how lovely does it look inside,two very clever people.

Hope your day is a good one,very tired today ,had another xmas breakup in Beaufort .
Cheers Sheryl.xx

Monday, 17 December 2018

The Hare's Nest

Next i took Barb and Anne to my friend Jo's shop The Hare's Nest,such a quirky gorgeous shop full of whimsical projects.

 While we were there Jo told us that Brenda Ryan and herself have joined forces and have put out the most amazing patterns and kits.

They are Curated Embroidery Kits by Brenda Ryan and Jo Maxwell.

Now this needs to be seen in real life this  blanket is full of  whimsical characters and was just stunning,such beautiful embroidery work and funny characters .

This was truly amazing to see and touch.

The threads were also such beautiful colours,dont think the computer is doing this lovely blanket justice.

Boy this scarf was gorgeous the fine embroidered circles and squares on lovely linen,so pretty.

The quirky Front window of Jo's shop.

I bought this lovely pattern designed by Jo and if you look in the top picture you will see the finished work put on a board,i couldnt resist this and i look forward to making a start on this one.
We all had a wonderful time looking around in Jo's shop and we all came out with parcels,lol.

If anyone would like to contact Jo about any of her lovely patterns or kits,her number is above.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.
Lol the little cartoon below reminded me of my buddy Dory,lol,i have had some fun times with this lady,lol.
Cheers Sheryl.xx

Sunday, 16 December 2018

Love these Girls

 On Saturday i meet up with my 2 friends in Ballarat, Barb and Anne from Melb,love spending time with these girls.

I made some homemade goodies for them,i am really pleased with myself as i have made most of the xmas gifts this year.
The parcels are date and Walnut loaf which is an old Woman's day recipe,if anyone would like a copy please let me know in the comments.

 We met at Gail's Patchwork Emporium and had a wonderful spend up as Gail was having 20% off right through December.
 And as usual Gail's shop was packed with some many beautiful fabrics and xmas decoration you didnt know which way to look first.

 Gail even had cute little scottie dog shortbread bikkies and lollies sitting around to tempt us.

And boy this is my favourite corner of Gail's shop i just love this chandelier its so pretty.
We had a wonderful time walking around the shop and chatting to Gail and Melissa,such a beautiful and friendly place to shop.
Gail kindly let us leave Anne's car there so we could all go together in my car to visit some more lovely places,to follow in the next post.
Hope you all have a wonderful day,lol the little cartoon below reminds of my friend Fiona,lol.
Cheers Sheryl.xx

Friday, 14 December 2018

Gnome Village

Lol i think i have created a gnome village,all shapes and colours here.

I have enough gnomes to put in my xmas hampers for family now,so pleased that i had a go at these little guys.

 Now this little gnome is in touch with his femine side being pink ,i made this one in pink as he will be raffled to raise money for cancer at our craft group's biggest morning tea next year.

 We are also duck city here at the moment it all started quite a few years ago with a mum and dad duck and their babies and then they come back the same time every year with the baby ones all grown up ,so i think its a family reunion this year as there is about 50 on the back lawn ,then they wonder down the driveway to the front lawn and then back again,lol,so funny to watch them.

Went to my walking group's xmas breakup BBQ yesterday and the ladies were to bring a salad,so i took this one which is a Pumpkin and Spinach salad oh boy was it nice the dressing was to die for,i also cut my pumpkin into cubes and not wedges,plus i added some Danish feta cheese,if anyone would like this recipe please say in the comment section below.
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.
Cheers Sheryl.

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Here there Gnomes everywhere

 lol I have always wanted to have ago at making these gnomes,so above is my first attempt,he was too round for my liking ,he is now working as a door stop in the laundry and looks rather cute on the floor,lol.

 This is my 2nd attempt and i am happy with his shape now

Lol they breed when you arent looking,lol worse than rabbits.

I made a lovely  Asian Spiced Salmon  Kedgeree if anyone would like the recipe let me know in the comments,this is one of hubby's favourites now.
 I pulled out my Deck the Halls and got another block stitched.

Hope you all have a wonderful day.
cheers Sheryl

Monday, 10 December 2018

Fun In Melbourne

 On Saturday i had a fun day in Melbourne with my Sister in the aqua and our SIL Joy.
We got to see Myer's window which is decorated in the theme of Alice in Wonderland,such amazing window display,sorry no pics to show you as there was so much reflection of the glass that you couldnt make out what was in the window.

 We had a lovely lunch at Plus 5 down by the river,it was such a muggy day and we were sitting outside every now and then they had mist spraying down from the ceiling oh it was nice,lol,i have never seen that before.
When we arrived in Melb we went to a little cafe for a coffee and this lovely little bird sat at the table with us,needless to say that he got something to eat,lol.

Then we went into Myers as they had huge one day sales on and i did something that i had never done before and had a lovely lady do a makeup on me,she gave us all lots of hints and showed us how to put our makeup on and my face felt so smooth.
I had intended to buy this makeup as i was nearly out of it and i also bought some lipstick,i love Estee Launder.
The lovely lady told me how dry my face was ,(which i knew i have been trying natural products but it wasnt working as my face became very dry)
The lovely sales assistant used some lovely moisturizers on me but the prices were far more than i wanted to pay (Estee Launder wasn't on sale) so she suggested that i go to the Revlon department as they had 50% off most of their products and she told me what to get,she was so helpful.

 So i got my moisturizer,Cleanser ,mascara that thickens and lengthens and some brushes all half price and because i had spent over $45 i got the gift set on the right for free and it was valued  at over $110,oh i love bargains,i got everything except the toner so i was a very happy shopper.

So the lovely sales assistant that did my face told me that if i couldnt get the things that i needed in Myers at the Revlon counter that i might be able to get them at Chemist warehouse,couldnt find the Revlon toner that went with my moisturizer so i found this one from Swisse at the warehouse and the sales lady in Myers said that if i could get some moisturizer with Argan in it that it would help keep the moisture in my face.
So my routine is to cleanse my face with the Revlon cleanser,then spray the Swisse toner on,then during the day i use the Relvon moisturizer  and then at night night i cleanse,tone and put the Argan moisturizer on and so far my face is really smooth and soft and not dry like it was before,i am so glad that i decided to have my face done as this sales assistant taught us so much.

 Hubby had asked me to pick up a electric knife that had a stronger wattage than 130 which is what we have but he is not happy with it,he said it has no power.
So my sister found me this one in Harris Scarfe while we were shopping in there and it had 25% off and is 180 watt and comes with a case to hold everything in it,so i was really pleased with this buy.
We all found lots of bargains in Melbourne and had a wonderful day together so we have decided to do it again soon.

Also i made a lovely Mango Chicken and Coconut curry (the pic doesnt look appertising) it is the nicest curry that hubby and i have ever tasted,so if you like curry i would suggest that you try this recipe,just let me know in the comment section if you would like it.
Hope you all had a lovely weekend
Cheers Sheryl

Saturday, 8 December 2018


Last night was Friday night with friends and i managed to get my last block finished.
A big thankyou to Cheryll for hosting our FNWF to see what the other ladies got up to go here.

I now have all the blocks trimmed and ready to put together when i get time.

I got a lovely surprise in the mail yesterday a lovely decoration from my friend Maria,thankyou Maria its very cute.

I made some homemade vanilla ice cream in my kitchenaid  it was so yummy.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend i am off to Melbourne with my SIL and we are meeting my sister at Southern cross and we are going to check out Myers window and to do some xmas shopping.
Cheers Sheryl xx