Monday, 21 January 2019

Busy Weekend

My oldest grand daughter Madison has turned 18 this month ,gee where did the time go,i can still remember holding her when she was born,only seems like yesterday,lol.
This pic is her mum and dad making speeches.

Its a tradition in our DD 1's family to wear the birthday hat for the day when they have a bithday,lol now that they are older they tend to only wear it when they have their bithday meal.

My SIL is the BBQ king and had all the food under control.

My DD1 and her hubby and 3 kiddies.

Hubby and i with our 7 grandies.

Our youngest GS Murphy loves the idea of the bithday hat and was only too happy to wear it once Madie took it off,lol.

Our GD Adie relaxing later in the night,the hammock was very popular with the kids when they werent playing cricket.
Hope you all had a lovely weekend.
Cheers Sheryl xx

Saturday, 19 January 2019


I managed to get the 2 stitcheries made up late last night.

I love these designs,pattern is by Country keepsakes,but i dont think they are available anymore as i couldn't find anywhere on the internet that sells them.

I have 11 made up now,think i would like to get at least 50 made up.
To see what the other ladies got up to go here and i would like to give my friend Wendy a big thumbs up for hosting another successful SAL .

Our pears are doing really well and they look quite cute hanging from the tree,fingers crossed this will be the first year that we get to eat some pears of the tree.

The granny smith apples are coming along nicely too,funny not one apple on the pink lady apple tree.

And we have some quinces too.

And we might be lucky and get some apricots this year as well.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.
Cheers Sheryl xx

Friday, 18 January 2019

Always Learning

I managed to finish another two stitcheries and i hope to get them made up tonight for FNSI

I bought myself a new book ,i love EPP.

Beetroot is ready for bottling,a job for me next week.

The corn is really taking off now.

Lots of zucchini's nearly ready i need to find some good recipes to use them up.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.
Cheers Sheryl xx

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Busy Week so Far

I managed to finish 1 more xmas decoration

I used the back xmas fabric on this one,trying to use up scrap pieces.

I am starting to get a little collection,though i will need lots more for a market stall.

We have been having some very hot days up around the 40deg's my herb garden is still hanging in there,the heat has affected the roses though.

 Monday our craft group had its first meeting back since before xmas.

 Everyone was glad to be back and there was lots of chatting,lol,i didnt even do a stitch,i was too busy socializing lol.

 Also the seniors group had our first get together back this Tuesday,so we had a lovely lunch at a little country pub,2 course for $20 and was very nice.

Dont forget to signup with the lovely Wendy for Friday Night Sew in .

My mum has been gone for a year yesterday gee the time has gone fast and i still miss her every day.

Hope you all have a wonderful day.
cheers Sheryl xx

Monday, 14 January 2019

Easter Table Runner

I came across these embroidered blocks that i did last year,lol i often embroider projects and put them aside and then i forget about them.

 I have chosen to make this table runner in Tilda fabrics.

Put together now to sandwich it and do some machine FMQ on it.

We had the 3 grandson's staying with us and Saturday night while we were having a BBQ tea out on the decking ,the boys were amazed with the kangaroos ,they came up quite close to the railing which excited the boys till no end,lol.

We never tire of the wild life where we live,we feel quite blessed.

Hope you all have a lovely week.
Cheers Shez xx

Saturday, 12 January 2019

Swimming Class& 2 more Deco's

I have finished another two xmas decorations,so hopfully i will have quite a few by the time we head off on our travels.

The black fabric with red berries look good against the silver beading,just to get away from the traditional colours.

Our youngest 3 grand children went to the learn to swim classes run by the council.

I think these classes are a great idea for the kiddies.

My youngest DD and her daughter,we found some shade while the kiddies were in the pool.

We have the youngest 3 grandies for a couple of days,it was a hot day yesterday in the 30's so the kiddies played under the 3 large sprinklers that hubby made,we get our water from the dam as we arent on town water ,this is one of the reason's that hubby made the dam bigger,lol they had a ball playing totem tennis under the sprinkler,lol.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Cheers Sheryl xx

Thursday, 10 January 2019

Family & A Free Pattern

I have finished another 2 xmas stitcheries hope i will be able to make them up tonight.

 Now over at my lovely friend Jenny's blog she has this free download of this beautiful table runner,i have already downloaded it and just need to find fabrics to make it in.

My DD1 and her 3 beautiful children were at Portarlington during the week and had been at the beach,while her hubby had to stay home because of work commitments.
My oldest Grand daughter in the long sleeved white top has just gotten her 2nd part time job as a life guard while she is waiting to get into uni.

4 of my beautiful Grand chilldren our Son's daughter was with them too,so cousin's having fun at the beach,these 4 are all taller than me now and i am 5ft 7',lol,they are growing up way too fast .

I also made this Prawn Saganaki with Spinach Rice,we both enjoyed this lovely recipe,i have really been enjoying cooking at the moment,focusing on eating a lot healthier.

Hope you all have a lovely day.
cheers Sheryl xx